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Zhucheng litt food machinery co., LTD

Processing, selling food machinery and accessories

Tuesday,Jun 19, 2018
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 Zhucheng, food machinery co., LTD. Is located in China's shandong province zhucheng, is an important economic, cultural and transportation center, is known as the "hometown of Chinese dragon mart, ShunDi". Its food machinery manufacturing industry is large, basic and strong.
Litt company has experienced professional r&d team and advanced production and processing technology, which gives the excellent quality of the products. All products are made with high quality raw materials to ensure our equipment is safe, sanitary and energy-saving. Our main products are vacuum roll kneading machine, saline injection machine, chopping machine, filling machine, meatball machine mixing, meatballs molding cooking line, meat ball crusher, meatballs hanging ice machine, hydraulic pressure enema machine, frozen meat planer meat machine, meat grinder, dicing machine, smoked furnace, broken bones, bone putty machine and auxiliary food utensils, etc., can be widely used in meat products, ... [More Information]
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